Appropriate Development

The development that the community needs!


90 % of Hattersley people want the District Centre (DC) to remain where it was, i.e. central and local to the majority of the estate.

This was according to a survey we conducted in 2011 of the views of Hattersley residents (published in the Reporter/
Chronicle 23rd June, 2011).
They did not want the Old DC to be moved to the new location on the east side of Stockport Road, beside Tesco’s – it
was too far away for most people.

We brought these findings to the Council, but they were ignored.


HAttersley Cominity CentreMany Mottram residents now have to use the New District Centre’s Hub (e.g. for the library, and for voting). But they were not consulted about new plans for yet another supermarket and fast food outlet on the spare land south of Ashworth Lane. Do the people of Mottram not matter?

Results of our latest survey

So we conducted an independent survey of Mottram residents. Of 300 responses, not one person wanted this development!
This included 60 Hyde shopkeepers who feel threatened by it.
Reasons the community gave for opposing it
The community says: The plans do not cater mainly for the local community’s interests……. it will attract yet more traffic and pollution…….. Tameside’s health record is already poor….
Read more about the community response…

How would the community like the site to be developed?

The community would like: Park/ landscaped area …..evening activities centre …..allotments; independent shops … read more …]

Planning meeting

David Tyler spoke on behalf of the LCG at the Council Planning meeting. However, the Councillors were very dismissive of our community voice. The plans were passed, with Councillors voting on party lines: all labour Councillors voting for, and the 2 Conservatives against. This is just as happened with the Tesco 24 hour trading application. This was the last straw! Yet again, the community voice was dismissed. So we demonstrated. Read more!…… Was the old DC demolished just to make way for Tesco’s? Read more….