What Mancher planners say

Extract of what the Manchester planners are saying in their document

The planners’ promises in their document, which we quote:“Green Belt within Greater Manchester will be retained…..preserve the setting and special character of historic towns ………Major improvements will be secured in air quality……emission of air pollutants will be minimised by locating development so as to minimise the need to travel….Carefully controlling developments that would generate significant pollution such as some types of industrial activity……..even in the event of extreme weather events, new development will not increase flood risk for adjacent landowners…….prioritising the reuse of previously developed land….Secure high levels of amenity for residents…….”

For your entertainment! – What the Manchester planners are saying:

Green belt will be afforded strong protection to check the unrestricted sprawl of large built up areas and to assist in urban regeneration by encouraging the recycling of derelict and other urban land plans will contribute to visually attractive places that raise the human spirit through exposure to greenery, wildlife support health lifestyles including through the provision of hih quality green infrastructure are the planners saying one thing doing another? there is no prioritizing of brown field sites hereCartoons attributed to Icon Fonts is licensed by CC by 3.0