Choose how to respond

Respond with any ONE of the following. Keep polite or they’ll bin it!
1. Online via Greater Manchester Spatial Framework – consultation portal — on that document see OA26 Mottram M67 North and South (Tameside [page 234].
Or with our links to the specific planning areas:

Mottram M67 North and South

Godley Green

Sidebottom Fold, Stalybridge

or, more simply:
2. Email direct to the planners at: [+ your name, address and postcode]
3. Post: [remember to include your name, address and postcode]
Greater Manchester Integrated Support Team, PO Box 532, Town Hall, Manchester, M60 2LA
Closing date for submissions direct to planners: 23rd December 2016, 17:00
Please also send us a copy, so we can log the number of objections, and represent the community voice to the Manchester “super-Council!” Either complete the tear-off slip below, or email us.

4. By downloading our draft response form draft-letter-for-community-to-gmsf

which lays out a basic response to the planners for you, and delivering by hand to any of Drop-off points: Margaret at 4, Hall Dr, Mottram; Craig at 33, Ashworth Lane; Duncan at 24B Hyde Rd., Mottram; Nick and Sue Wood’s Ironmongers; Just Hair; or by post to Duncan Hollows at 24B Hyde Rd., Mottram SK14 6NG

Deadline for delivery of your draft response form to us: Thurs 15th Dec 2016 9 PM.
IF YOU ARE WRITING AS A COUPLE OR MULTIPLE MEMBERS OF A HOUSEHOLD, because in the last campaign they only counted households so the number of objections got under-reported.